We’re using S3 stat for our podcast download stats

Hi to all our new listeners who’ve found us since we put the Walking Through Games up on iTunes!

For anyone interested (old or new listeners), we used to have our episode files stored locally on our shared hosting account. Since the recent move to using an rss feed for the show (to allow for iTunes and Stitcher subscriptions), we realised we’d potentially get a lot more downloads and that we should probably move to something a bit more robust for serving our episodes. After trying out a few different systems, we decided on hosting the files on an Amazon S3 account (we’re cheap and we could get a free 12 month trial). But we needed a way to monitor our download statistics (we decided to use Google Feedburner for managing statistics for subscriptions to the podcast) and we found s3stat.

We decided to go with them for monitoring download stats because of their awesome cheap bastard plan. By writing this post, we get their awesome service (which allows us to get the details of how many people are downloading the show without having to decode the complicated Amazon s3 logs) without having to pay for it! If you need file statistics for your s3 account, you should totally consider giving them a try. Our trial ends in a few days, but thanks to this post we’ll get to keep using the service beyond the initial free 30 days. Thanks guys!

Episode 85 will be up this Thursday as usual, so keep an eye out for that. Happy gaming in the meantime!